Shot on Super Hi8 around my neighborhood, this is my  first ever attempt at documentary filmmaking. I then tried to re-do it using better equipments, but I always liked this gritty looking and hissing audio version more.

Year: 1999


Friendly Fires, “Jump In The Pool”

Unofficial music video, shot live at Circo Voador, Rio. The audio is the original song, not the live version.  Produced, directed and filmed along with Daniel Ferro and Tiago Lins.

Year: 2009

Vanessa da Mata: “Minha Intuição”

A documentary about the recordings of Vanessa da Mata’s third album, featuring a session with Sly & Robbie in Jamaica and many guests in studio in Brazil. It was released as da CD+DVD bundle by Sony Music.

Year: 2007


Jota Quest: “20%”

One of the biggest pop-rock bands in Brazil, Jota Quest invited me to tell the story of their first decade together.  I produced, directed and filmed this intimate portrait of the delicate balance between the five members. The band wanted and outsider perspective and was very open, even being uncomfortable with some segments of the film. The DVD was released by Sony Music.

Year: 2006

Jota Quest POA 03

“Omara & Bethânia”

When Buena Vista Social Club’s  singer Omara Portuondo and the Brazilian Maria Bethânia got in studio to record “Omara & Bethânia” these historic sessions had to be on tape. The documentary was released in a CD+DVD bundle by Biscoito Fino records.

Year: 2008